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  Maine Media Workshops + College educates and inspires visual artists and storytellers.

The school delivers degree and certificate programs, workshops, intensives, and cooperative labs geared to students pursuing creative work in fine arts and media-related professions. MMW+C is a welcoming community that provides lifetime opportunities to explore the practice and concepts of media arts in photography, filmmaking, design and book arts as well as the converging applications of these dynamic media forms. MMW+C embraces historical processes as well as leading-edge technologies in image making and narrative expression. MMW+C is committed to fostering creativity, culture, and human communication in the world.

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Sandy Posted
"Optimistic about reviewing this website"
  I am happy to write a review for my last shopping here.
I hope to express some information from the review to other people.
At least what I want to know:
1. Is the quality of the goods I bought very good?
2. how about the delivery speed? Is it procrastinating?
3. Is it convenient to refund? Do you know that sometimes the goods delivered are not right?
4. Is it convenient to exchange goods? Do you provide a perfect way of exchange.
5. When I have questions, can I contact the customer service staff of the website in time? I don't want to wait long.
6. Is payment safe? I don't want to shop on a scammer's website, so you must at least keep safe.
7. Please keep my personal information and payment information confidential. I don't want to report the loss to the credit card bank. Fortunately, I haven't encountered these things yet.
What's your opinion?
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3.0/5 Reviews, customer reviews, find Coupons
3.0/5 Reviews, customer reviews, find Coupons
3.0/5 Reviews, customer reviews, find Coupons
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