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"BridalFeel Reviews"
  I had the same experience as the commenter above; unfortunately, I was too busy with wedding planning to do much except cry about it. The dress I ordered had a lovely photo on Pinterest. The dress I received was made of cheap optical white fabric (not ivory like I had ordered - and optical white makes my skin look yellow) and the black sash it was supposed to come with was actually navy blue. I emailed a complaint to the company with pictures and was told I could return it (by shipping it back to China!) for a partial refund, but I never heard back from them again. Due to stress before the wedding I just let it go, including deleting the emails with order info, otherwise I'd report it on this site's form, but I am still very disappointed in this company. I could have gotten a much better dress for less from ModCloth or Rent the Runway.
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"BridalFeel Reviews"
  313471 683909I enjoy your composing style, do carry on creating! I is going to be back! 983674
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