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  I was very satisfied with the dress. I ordered it in the beginning of the month and received it the date it was supposed to arrive which was exactly 2 weeks. The quality was awesome. I had no problem with it not being what I expected. It was exactly like the picture of the dress online. I like that the company emails you and keeps you updated on the dress. However, my ONLY issue was, just a heads up to shoppers that sizes run little small! Since I love how the dress looks on me, I don't mind it as much.purposely ordered my dress a size bigger so I didn't have a problem. Also incredibly adorable!
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  Received this dress before, was about a size too small and sent it back with ease. Was able to receive a size larger and get it in time for my boyfriend's prom and I got SO many compliments. Felt like the belle of the ball. The only downside of this dress is that it has very little movement in the arms, so if you have a seamstress in your life figure out a way to make it more flexible.
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  This dress is simply amazing! I love everything about it! It does run slightly big and definitely long, but it works!
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  This dress is absolutely beautiful and my daughter feels like a princess! I asked that they make the back full so it is not open and they did, no problem! Also, it arrived 1 to 3 weeks before the estimated time! They were very easy to work with too
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"What are the advantages and disadvantages of this website?"
  I am happy to write a review for my last shopping here.
I hope to express some information from the review to other people.
At least what I want to know:
1. Is the quality of the goods I bought very good?
2. how about the delivery speed? Is it procrastinating?
3. Is it convenient to refund? Do you know that sometimes the goods delivered are not right?
4. Is it convenient to exchange goods? Do you provide a perfect way of exchange.
5. When I have questions, can I contact the customer service staff of the website in time? I don't want to wait long.
6. Is payment safe? I don't want to shop on a scammer's website, so you must at least keep safe.
7. Please keep my personal information and payment information confidential. I don't want to report the loss to the credit card bank. Fortunately, I haven't encountered these things yet.
What's your opinion?
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