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disneyfans Posted
"unbelievable quality for such a low price!!"

  disney store’s dolls never fail to disappoint! this doll is absolutely gorgeous. her hair is incredibly thick and soft and it’s the perfect length, and her face is gorgeous! her clothes are so well made- her shirt is made of a really lovely soft and textured material and it has multiple layers for a wrapped effect. Her trousers yet again are made from a really gorgeous high quality material with a nice texture. The details are painted on with gold paint as opposed to being lazily printed onto the clothes, which i appreciate so much! She has so many details, like the gold ring on her belt, the wrap on her left arm and the arm band/ armour on her right arm. Everything is so detailed and intricate! Her sword is extremely extremely detailed, which is very impressive- it has a metallic tint when shined in the light. The extra articulation is amazing- the dolls have double hinged knees which means their legs can fold all the way back, and they have articulation at the chest now too!! Her hat is also so well made. My only complaint would be the jacket- i dont like that it’s white material with the brown colour printed on, id prefer just plan brown material without the pattern on it, but for £17 with all of these amazing details it’s totally understandable !! seriously good job disney, us doll collectors really love your dolls! keep up the good work and hopefully there will be more disney store raya dolls, like a deluxe one that comes with the cape or a singing/ talking doll! :)

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Sandy Posted
"Optimistic about reviewing this website"
  I am happy to write a review for my last shopping here.
I hope to express some information from the review to other people.
At least what I want to know:
1. Is the quality of the goods I bought very good?
2. how about the delivery speed? Is it procrastinating?
3. Is it convenient to refund? Do you know that sometimes the goods delivered are not right?
4. Is it convenient to exchange goods? Do you provide a perfect way of exchange.
5. When I have questions, can I contact the customer service staff of the website in time? I don't want to wait long.
6. Is payment safe? I don't want to shop on a scammer's website, so you must at least keep safe.
7. Please keep my personal information and payment information confidential. I don't want to report the loss to the credit card bank. Fortunately, I haven't encountered these things yet.
What's your opinion?
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