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  Ladies do not use! There is a whole Facebook group about the disasters and complete nightmares of dealing with this company! They take your money and then will not let you return! Check it out for yourselves please don't become a victim of fraud
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  I ordered my wedding dress and 7 flower girl dresses, first 3 came and were perfect- exact match to image and correct size. Next 4 came however they loosely resemble the first ones, silver and light blue sequins rather than silver and navy, embroidery is black rather than navy, no beading to be found and embroidery is a rushed and simplistic design -different to the first ones. My wedding dress was perfect and 3 flowergirl dresses were amazing shame other 4 don't match and now have to go buy 7 new ones- after spending almost ��450 on the perfect design on this site. My order has proved it's 50 / 50 chance of getting what you have paid for. Currently being ignored by their after sales team after being told that they cannot see anything wrong or different between the 2 sets of dresses. Since looking closer at their website the pics of their sales team have turned out to be photos they clearly found on Google ( found 2 of them to actually be semi-famous people and one comes up on many sites labeled picture of pretty blonde when I have reverse image searched them). Suppose my fault for not properly looking into company before ordering from them, unfortunately I only started looking into them after I had placed 3 orders and put all hope on fact that I order things from China quite often over Ebay and have never had any problems.
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  I ordered two wedding dresses as I could not decide. I ordered three bridesmaid dresses . Then read the reviews and panicked . I had also ordered my wedding shoes . All have come all the dresses are beautiful although we sent exactly the right sizes and I have checked again I'm right but the dresses are slightly tight so trying now to find a dress maker to alter them. The shoes are not quite the champagne colour but ivory nice though. The company is based in China. They will not take any returns this not what Shirley told me when ordering off peg. I ordered uk sizes hoping they would take them back so be very careful what sizes you order. You need to go up a size. The quality of my dresses are fab, the customer service after sale. Is quite shocking sadly. This is where they have let themselves down as now I would be too worried to order again from them . I'm gutted now .
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