Reviews Can Help Small-Scale Business to Grow

By Digital Marketing
Did you know that positive comments can produce an average increase in sales of approx 28-20 % and that consumers are likely to spend 31 % more because of positive reviews?
Reviews Can Help Small-Scale Business to Grow

A successful business owner will advise you that having a strong reputation online is not just a luxury. It is vital. When you receive a positive review, it reassures your potential customers that you are reliable. You want the customers should be aware of offer quality products or services. Being aware that how to keep your existing customers satisfied will improve your bottom line.

Some of the small businesses, such as offline businesses, have their blinders on when it comes to the internet. They say they serve the localized base of consumers- the maximum portion of which is foot traffic. That is the reason people have a perception that the web is irrelevant.

Every small or offline business have their own significance and reviews play an important role in business. Therefore, they should focus on and utilize review collection, publication, and management. This article will describe how you can start today and why reviews can help small-scale business to grow.

Your Small-Scale Business & Reviews

Having a small- scale business, you may think that reviews are not vital for your company. You may not even be aware you can utilize reviews. Similarly, you may essentially depend on the referral alone and feel that this does you just fine.

In the year 2017, however, the fact is that the content of online reviews on sites such as Glassdoor, Yelp and even Facebook can mean the difference between success and failure especially if you have a restaurant or a hotel business. For instance, did you know that positive comments can produce an average increase in sales of approx 28-20 % and that consumers are likely to spend 31 % more because of positive reviews?

We have a piece of great news for you! Reviews for small-scale businesses are not only beneficial in helping your business grow by garnering new customers, but also help toward seeing more in the bank each month too.

Reviews can also boost your sales and SEO, leading to a higher search ranking, since reviews are social proof. Social proof is the idea that if others like your business then its safe for me to like it- everyone else is doing it, right?

Moreover, customers take every review very seriously.

Check these stats from our expert:

  • 82 % of customers go to the review site because they want to buy a service or product.
  • 89 % make a purchase within a week of visiting review sites and 29 % will do so within a day.

Small-scale businessman still depends on word-of-mouth referral to spread their brand, services, and support, however, word-of-mouth has seen a change since the dawn of e-commerce. Instead of people using word-of-mouth to simply find a company now, encapsulate how people get information by digging deep into a business.

Possible customers will do research before making a purchase and choosing your small-scale business to do so, and as the main part of that search, review factor in. Approx. 70 % look at the review when building their shortlist, so if you are still dependent only on old school word-of-mouth and not incorporating reviews into your marketing strategy, you are essentially voiding yourself from the list.

Reviews are everywhere

The majority of people search for reviews and from that 93 % of people incorporate them into their purchase decision. People leave reviews for small-scale business online whether you are gathering or not. It is common for feedback, which is left organically to be more negative, as people jump online to exhaust their frustration.

Therefore, we cannot stress enough how vital it is for small-scale business to collect reviews, because through collection and management you take control of the review left for your company, use the reviews to enhance your services, manage any negativity, as well as see a huge number of other benefits.

The main aim to share this article is to give you valuable insight into utilizing reviews for your small business, and how they help to build trust, reassure and inform the current and potential customer, create a consistent reputation, as well as see an increase in revenue!

Take a look.

Trust Can Grow Your Business

If you are not able to show or build trust, then trust me, no one is going to use your service. The best way to trust and show it for all to see is to collect feedback from your customers in the form of a review and publish as testimonials on your website.

Reviews offer social proof, with 88% of customers saying they trust review as much as personal recommendations. Other people have taken the plunge to use you, they have had a great experience, so display to shopper you can offer them that as well.

As we said before, trust can be built when people make that initial search. A company with a licensed Google Review Partner can take your Seller Ratings, which are aggregated from your reviews, and display it as stars in your AdWords under your company name. These stars help towards SEO, improving your ranking in Google, thus enhancing visibility.

If people see you instantly having 4-star ratings as compared to the other companies providing similar services with fewer ratings than you, or else no rating at all, they can make an easy decision. This creates trust among the customers and through this; you can convert many visitors to potential customers. If this scenario comes true, congratulations! You are at the top of the list.


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