Why am I not afraid of someone digging away my programmer?

By Jone Chun
Every time I talk about the company's business and technology, everyone will always say, isn't it afraid to copy your entrepreneurial model? Every time I talk about the operation and management of the company, there is always someone saying that it is because your business has not been made public, otherwise it will have been copied. Every time I talk about the technical director of our company and other programmers, I always ask, are you afraid of someone to dig?
Why am I not afraid of someone digging away my programmer?

I used to be afraid of these three things.

I am not afraid now. In short, my company's current business and technology is too hard, the profit is not rich enough, no one wants to copy; open so many times, no one wants to copy is a reason, no one can copy is another reason, in the future we will A lot of open source, but even if it is open source, no one will copy it. And my programmer is afraid of people to dig? Not afraid, simply talk about the reasons.
As a programmer, I have known my needs for 14 years, mainly with decent salary, challenging work, a growing environment, and free time.
I was in the early days of setting up this company and wanted to learn other companies, but after we were on the verge of bankruptcy, I just wanted to be a company I wanted after I got back to life.
If you have three thousand weak waters, I will only take one drink.
You look at how big the world is, there are many opportunities, no matter what great achievements you can achieve, you can only come step by step, something is in people, things are in the sky.
So what kind of company do I have to do if I can only do a good job? Do one that I don't like? I cast aside? Or am I proud of it?
How to treat my company's most important assets, that is, my programmers, my thinking and practices are like this:

1, A decent salary
The company's current income is not high, and most of its revenue is paid. Although we are a small company, the salary is not low. We treat every programmer with all our heart. If the company's operating conditions improve, it will definitely give the programmer a salary.
Before, we had a lot of pressure for a while. In a few months, I couldn’t get a salary.
I won't lie to him, we have money, and I won't lie to him. It will be good to follow me.
I told my technical team that if one day the company goes bankrupt, I may not be able to compensate you for a penny, but I will definitely help you find a good job. Or if someone digs me away, I must take you, if you have me, you must have yours, otherwise I will not go. You followed me this time to lower your salary standard, but if our company goes bankrupt, I will also take you to join other company teams. If our company survives last time, your salary is a lot of money, I will compensate you. And it will also double your income.
In fact, I did it. The world will not be smooth sailing, will there be brothers to accompany you to the greatest adversity, to see if you will do things, will not be a man.

2. A challenging job, an environment that can grow
Good horses often have but Bole doesn't often have it, sometimes because the world thinks that good horses only need to graze. However, if you are a good horse, it is important to have enough food to be able to really rush. The same is true for talent.
Because I am a senior talent, the salary is of course important, I am greedy for money, so I choose to start a business. I hope that I can do a good job while I am getting a high salary. I need a world where I can use my hands and feet. What I fear most is that it is mediocre in one place, wasting my youth and ability.
Therefore, the programmer I give to my programmer must not only be a good salary, but also a challenging job. My technical director, followed me from an iOS beginner, to become the top iOS expert in China, the top expert in typesetting technology, and the top experts in cross-platform compilation. It can be said that he has been growing since he joined my company.
The same is true of our other employees. One of the classmates recruited half a year ago was a Java backend. I asked him to learn iOS development in half a month, he got it. Now that he is stepping deep into our iOS to Android project, we are considering whether to transfer the person in charge of this project from the technical director to his side.
In my team, if you show amazing progress, meticulous work and responsibility, we will be happy to improve you faster.
Almost everyone on my team is doing some very exciting and challenging projects.

3. Free time
Programmers are easy to get in, and any other heavy-hearted worker is the same. When you are engaged in pure mental work, if the problem you face is very complicated, then you are fully immersed in the problem and it is a very efficient working state. Therefore, pure mental workers are very tired of being interrupted, because entering this high-speed work state is very happy, it is very painful to be interrupted, and it is very difficult to quickly return to the state.
Therefore, many programmers like to write code late at night in the family, and some people like to work overtime in the company, and so on. Under this premise, it is very difficult to get up very energetic early the next day.
Of course, I am not here to encourage programmers to work overtime, and to write code late at night. Good programmers have to learn how to get in and out of the state as they please. However, programmers are more concerned about timeliness, and do not care about red tape and some boring rules and regulations.
Take Shengda Innovation Institute as an example. The whole grand event is 9 nights and 6 nights, but the Innovation Institute has made an institutional innovation that can float for 1 hour. You can choose whether it is 10 to 7 or 9 to 6 Go away. The float in an hour is free. This is certainly good.
However, it was difficult for me to meet such an agenda in the past. It was often late until 10:30, and my colleagues called me at 6 o'clock. I just left, so I was deducted every month. Although it doesn't matter if my salary is high, my emotions are often affected.
When I started my business in New York in 2008-2009, we also had a fixed time for work, but we did not deduct wages. At that time, I was already tortured very badly.
When we started business in Shanghai in 2011, we also had commuting time, but I later stipulated that there is no limit to the number of mornings every morning, and it will be off work at 6 o'clock in the afternoon. Because I often can't get it until 10:30, so I think my programmer should also enjoy this right.
Later, after we were on the verge of bankruptcy, I simply canceled the working hours. All the programmers and all the staff did not have time to go to work. At the same time, we also canceled the work place, where to write code where to write code.
Our only requirement is to write daily newspapers. But I don't ask everyone, I write about my full-fledged work for 8 hours every day. We only ask you to seriously write the daily newspaper, do it when you do it, and write it without doing it.
This work has been put down and implemented for almost 2 years, and the effect is very good.
We thought we needed an office to write code, but in fact we can write code everywhere. The office has only two functions:
Lock people up and let the boss see that everyone is working.
The second is convenient for everyone to meet and communicate.
However, the side effects of the office are:
It is obvious that one can use a person's actual work effect to assess a person, but because it is locked up, simply look at who comes early, go late, as to do a good or bad to become the second evaluation standard.
It was originally possible to communicate efficiently. But they are all locked together, and no one cares about communication efficiency. Let me talk about it first, and then go back to the meeting and talk again.
After we didn't have an office, we were more clear about what we did, and the planning and management of each project was more rigorous.
At the same time, everyone in the team and I gained more freedom.
Later, I found that this kind of work system is actually like paypal.
The technical director is going to see the concert of Hatsune Miku. I don't need to take time off with me. I was qualified to write in the daily newspaper and see that the concert didn't work. Anyway, once he has delayed his work for a day, he will soon consciously replenish his workload in the next few days, and will not delay the entire project.
I don't stare at them in Shanghai, so I can go to Bali, Phuket, and Lijiang for a week after the 11th holiday, as long as my girlfriend has a holiday.
I have always advised the technical director to go out and travel more. As long as he does not delay his work, he is willing to write a code while nomadic. A few days ago, he finally traveled to Japan. The customer asked me to say that there was a Japanese IP in the background. I laughed and said that the technical director of Japan traveled. I am also very pleased to see him go to travel and not forget his work.
Work is not just about feeding us (a decent salary), but also giving us the motivation to move forward (challenging work, the environment in which we can grow) and happiness (free time).
Ok, let's finish, if you really can impress my programmer to leave me, welcome to dig people.


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