Where are the future variables of the mobile Internet?

By joyong
Where are the future variables of the mobile Internet?
Where are the future variables of the mobile Internet?

The Internet must not be able to get rid of the pain points of social and information consultation. The connection between people is more efficient and closer in the mobile Internet era. From a time perspective, the mobile Internet has turned the 2-3 hours of the PC Internet online into a 24-hour online. The expansion of Internet time in the future is no longer possible, it can only be the expansion of distance and efficiency. I always think that VR, virtual reality will become the next connection point, but the hardware innovation of this connection still takes time to nurture. This time, unlike history, everyone is full of new hardware, not too few expectations.

I think that the future changes in the mobile Internet will still focus on the pain points of human nature, how to obtain information more efficiently, and shorten the distance between people. We will see changes in several areas:

Integration of online and offline. In the connection between people, people and goods, people and services, we find that offline has become an indispensable entrance. For the service, the user needs offline scenes for human contact. This is why Ma Yun talked about new retail. E-commerce continues to infiltrate, and it is necessary to embrace offline entities;

Accurate analysis of user big data. Everyone is different. On the surface we can classify by simple features such as gender, age, etc., but there may be thousands of factors behind each person's characteristics. The image of user big data is becoming more and more important, improving the efficiency of both users and businesses;

Solve the spiritual consumption after eating, drinking and living. We have seen that the Internet has changed the most basic consumption, basic e-commerce, eating, traveling, and entertainment. In the future, the Internet will increasingly touch the spiritual world of people, and all kinds of spiritual companionship and consumer demand are the next big gust;

High ARPU value industry transformation. Also based on the underlying offline services and online efficiency gains. Such as financial transactions, housing transactions, decoration, car purchases, etc. High value-added transactions must be wired, but at the same time the Internet goes to the middle.


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