Why must the Avengers Endgame be seen?

By Stupid King
"Avengers Endgame" has been released in the theater for some time. This Marvel's super blockbuster has been advertised for a month and finally released. Why is this "Avenger League 4" called to be seen? movie of ? Stupid King finally found the answer again and again:
Why must the Avengers Endgame be seen?

These 4 reasons are enough to silence you.

1. Unfinished ending of Avengers 3
This Avengers 4 is a continuation of the last Avengers 3 and the last unfinished ending. In the Avengers 3, the tyrant annihilated half of the universe's life with a single finger, half of the superheroes. And humans easily disappeared. Even Spider-Man, who grew up with us from a young age, is so dead. They die too easily. If Marvel does not have a sequel to resurrect them, it is estimated that most fans will not agree.

At the end of the Avengers 3, Raytheon could have killed the tyrants, and the mistakes did not kill the tyrants. As a result, the Avengers heroes suffered a lot of hardship against the tyrants. Also sacrificed half of life. This huge regret has left the hearts of countless audiences unbearable. Therefore, after the Avengers 4 was fixed, the fare was fired to thousands, and the pre-sales broke the reason of 500 million box office.

2, Marvel Super Heroes at a glance

In addition to the story's fascinating story, in the film of the Avengers, you can see the superheroes of Marvel's ten years. Each of these superheroes is a box office blockbuster in each of their films, the story of each of them. The audience is very familiar, so the sparks that these superheroes have combined will be even more dazzling.

3, Marvel's ten years of work

There has never been a film like the Avengers, which combines many superheroes into one movie. After ten years of Marvel, we have created a very wonderful Marvel universe, which seems to have nothing to do with all superheroes. Marvel has brought these superheroes together, but there are no logical loopholes. This is because the "Avengers" is not a simple merger, but a great step for Marvel to give us a decade.

To be more precise, the Avengers organization was the first to plan for all superheroes. Because Marvel wanted to design such an alliance, Marvel designed these superheroes, which means that the Avengers is the foundation of the Marvel movie universe. And "Avenger League 4" is the end of the Avengers League, so this Marvel milled a decade of sword, definitely worth a look.

4, three hours shock special effects

If you are not particularly familiar with the entire Marvel universe, you have not seen many superheroes. Then even if you just want to take your child to see the science fiction film, this "Avenger League 4" must be your best choice. The most important thing about sci-fi is the plot and special effects, and this Avengers 4 can score a perfect score in science fiction movies.

In the special effects production, a total of 12 top special effects teams are serving this Avengers 4, so the three-hour visual effect will definitely give you an unparalleled shock experience.


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