How to choose the right fishing gear

By By Kevin
At present the fishing gear market sales of fishing more pole to the type (also known as pull-type) of glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon fiber fishing rod-based.
How to choose the right fishing gear

How to choose fishing gear

1, how to choose the sea fishing rod:

At present the fishing gear market sales of fishing more pole to the type (also known as pull-type) of glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon fiber fishing rod-based.
The former price is lower, the latter is high. Fishing is different from freshwater fishing, the fishing method up to dozens of species, the requirements of the fishing rod is also different.

Such as offshore fishing (long shot) to focus on a slightly hard fishing rod, should be selected on the 25th and 40 or so, more than 3.6 meters long fishing rod;

Boat fishing due to water depth, flow and accessories more, should consider the choice of 3 meters long, 50 or more fishing rod.

And light Ji fishing (also known as floating jade fishing) because of the need for high fishing techniques and fishing fish is different, should be in the 1-3, longer than 4.5 meters in the special fishing rod to consider.

Sea pole has been widely used in freshwater fishing. Wharf regardless of what kind of texture, should have a strong hardness, and are required to be equipped with reel.

2, how to choose fishing line:

Fishing lines should be slightly thicker, the diameter should be more than 0.5 mm, line length 60 meters -70 meters, denominator (main) line, child (brain) line.

Due to large sea waves, floating the role of the transfer of information is not, the fishing can save the float, with the hands of the vibration or visual to directly judge.

Fishing line is generally divided into four categories of materials, including carbon fiber, plastic wire (ie nylon silk), bite line and wire. Fishing line is divided into two main lines and sub-line, the main line is generally nylon line and fill line, for the main line of fishing in the general line of 150 meters, while the deep sea is required for 300-500 meters.

Sub-line is relatively short, generally about 3 meters.

3, how to choose reel:

The matching of the reel is also different due to the difference between the fishing rod and the fishing method. The fishing wheel is generally selected in the middle of the type, and the fishing boat should be in the storage capacity, the fish drum drum (also known as the horizontal wheel ) To consider;

While the floating jade fishing should pay attention to the use of hand brake device with a small screw-type fishing wheel.


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