Interesting 996 open source project that awakens class differences

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Do you have concerns about 996.ICU? In just a few months, the Internet has swept the Internet. As of now, the number of stars that launched this project on is as high as 227,660, fork 19120
Interesting 996 open source project that awakens class differences

996 means to go to work start at 9:00 AM, work end at 9:00 PM, and work 6 days a week.

React (facebook) that has been released for more than 6 years. Compare the attention of the react project

React star 127396 fork 23215. star 227660 fork 19120. visit the home page.

Every day, a new IT company that implements the 996 working time system is submitted to the project, and the corresponding legal provisions, news and information will be submitted to the project by netizens.
Most of the project content publishers are software practitioners with high academic qualifications and high IQ, but the working hours are where they feel dissatisfied, so this project will be produced. And because of the large number of people in the same situation, the project has soared.
At present, this project has been translated into 25 languages. It is not just Chinese youth who submit content in this project, and young people from all countries can participate. This is due to the open source collaboration platform of github.
It can be seen from the project that the project is initiated by the current employer and the salary staff. They are complaining.
We are interested in the employer's point of view, and here are some of the employers' comments on 996icu:

"Today China BAT these companies can be 996, I think it is a blessing from those of us." April 11 - China's richest man Ma Yun.
"I don't defend 996, I pay tribute to the fighters.", "Find something you like, there is no such problem as 996; if you don't like it, don't love it, every minute is tormenting at work.", “Companies that want employees to make a profit through 996 are stupid and impossible to succeed.”,“Companies don’t feel that paying can make employees 996” April 14 - Ma Yun, China's richest man
Ma Yun and Lei Jun want to use their dreams to drive employees 996, while Liu Qiangdong is driven by brotherhood, but Dangdang founder Li Guoqing expressed his firm opposition to 996. His reason is that he does not count the road every day, 11 hours of working time, then love, family, socializing. Work should be properly relaxed. In addition, employees should not break their legs. It is often the scientific nature of managers making decisions, and efficiency is much more effective than employees working overtime.
Forcing 996 is wrong for the company -- Shen Yi, vice president of OPPO mobile phone.
Unwilling to 996, in fact, is normal, people have their own aspirations; not all companies, all stages can be 996, a considerable part of 996 are killing; more agreeable mode is the full focus of working hours. -- Former Shengda Literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang.
“Our company not only depends on the sweat of employees, but also inspires employees; not only must employees work harder, but also stimulate employees to work more efficiently; not only rely on the incentives for overtime pay, but also the companionship of family members. The health of the body and the fullness of meaning have also become rewards for work." -- People's Daily Review Department released an article "Advocating Struggle, Not Equal to Mandatory 996"

Nandu NDX Lab initiated “‘996’ (high salary) vs non ‘996’ (low salary):
The results show that more than half of netizens choose non-996 (low salary).
‘996’ (high salary) 1893 votes
Non ‘996’ (low salary) 1981 votes
In terms of the reason for choosing 996, 74.8% of netizens chose “high salary”.
48.6% of netizens do not accept 996 because they do not want their personal lives to be occupied by work. Another 41.9% of netizens said that they are for good health.
Of course, "996" does not mean a high salary.


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