2015 America Online Store Rankings Top 10

2015 America Online Store Rankings Top 10

By Kevin
Currently seen in fierce competition in the US electricity supplier. USA 2015 "Black Friday", "Cyber Monday" online shopping booming, we bring everyone together to inventory the US's top 10 suppliers.

The following is a list of the top 10:

TOP 10
It is the second largest department store chain, website traffic and orders are also considerable. Wide range of products can basically meet the needs of all retail customers. Kohl's also offers online orders, pick up the line of service.




New Egg is designed to provide computer hardware, software and peripheral sites. In addition the website also provides various types of electronic products, transport supplies and accessories.


Macy's is the largest chain of department stores. Website and the store as popular. Products include clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry.


review homedepot.com
Home Depot is a US home building supplies retailer. Website attracts nearly 120 million visitors. Products include building materials, gardening supplies, home decoration.


review bestbuy.com
Best Buy electronics price is very competitive. Website selling products from three major brands, including Best Buy, Magnolia, and Future Shop. Best Buy had in 2004 was awarded the "Company of the Year" title Forbes.


review target.com
It is the second-largest US discount retailer. The company's website was established in 2000. On site visits more than 288 million, which also make it the fifth largest US shopping site.


review etsy.com
And other electricity providers are not the same, Etsy is a P2P mode. It is for the creative arts and crafts sellers provide a sales platform. Platform types of goods including handmade goods, DIY products, antiques, jewelry, pictures. Looking for unique handicrafts, Etsy is essential for a website.


review walmart.com
Wal-Mart to provide consumers with a wide range of products. As multinational retail chains and the largest US discount retailer, Wal-Mart to high-quality products and reasonable price is known, covers all retail categories, clothing, household goods and entertainment. Wal-Mart's online sales performance is quite amazing, ranked third in this year's statistics Buyers


review ebay.com

It has achieved great success in the Internet bubble, the industry has changed the rules of the game. Support B2C, a wide range of product categories.


review amazon.com
Be the first reader to believe that Amazon did not feel the slightest accident. Amazon has become one of the world's most popular shopping sites. From Amazon online bookstore is America's largest online retailer, product variety, and he developed a series of consumer electronics products.Support for multiple local payment, logistics and services


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